When All Media is Social

Richard Edelman discusses his view on how all media is gravitating towards social media and the five trends to keep an eye out for. This is my response from his powerpoint. http://www.edelman.com/speak_up/blog/Windows-Live-Writer/Academic-Summit_C430/Academic_Summit_Presentation.pdf

  • New social giants are emerging- Yes they are! Facebook had a long run, but it is now taking a back burner to sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Stumble Upon. These channels are allowing user to hashtag their comments, which ultimately makes it easier to search for certain subjects later. It also allows users to follow each other’s tweets about the same interest. With applications like Instagram, users can take pictures on their cell phone and it gives you the option to simultaniously post the picture to Twitter, Facebook, and other sites. 
  • Paid media now amplifies social- Someone has to get paid right? Companies are now buying space on your Facebook news feed for their advertisement. Why? Whether you realize it or not, you look at the sponsored ads on your news feed subconsciously which does exactly what the company wants. They want traffic, and traffic they got! I myself have actually clicked on a sponsored ad to see what it was about. 
  • Search is morphing with social- Google does it yet again! Now you can search any keyword and be directed to any person related to that search. For example, if you google “music” your search returns sites like Pandora, Yahoo Music and more. Google took it one step further and added and People Related To section when you search. Any artist could pop up because they are related to the music industry. Clicking on one of the searches will lead you to another search which returns their music videos, websites and pictures. This makes searching for keywords faster, simpler and easier. 
  • Amplification now trumps circulation- Who wants actual paper? The truth is, more and more people are canceling their subscriptions to daily newspapers. The news is going paperless. Now you get “friend” almost any local news channel on Facebook or Twitter to follow news. Several news stations have their own app or mobile site that is tailored specifically for mobile phones. 
  • Visual storytelling is in Renaissance- Rise of the Polaroid? More and more picture are uploaded to Facebook on a daily basis. Marketers are even integrating Instagram photos to product websites for better feedback. While snip-its of videos are cool and add that special touch to your website, most people are gravitating towards photos to tell the story, as described more in this article. http://chasnote.com/2012/07/27/the-new-currency-of-visual-storytelling/


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