Now serving, Facebook with a side of Twitter

O’Briens of Wichita, a local pub and restaurant has been doing a great job with their social media since they reopened with new owners. They actually started a Facebook page for the pub and post quite often. They are up to date on specials for the bar and food. They are very interactive with their followers that post comments as well. I feel like they are much like a community as Suzuki of Wichita likes to run. I normally don’t follow a business but something about O’Briens seemed to intrigue me.  They don’t post excessively or about anything irrelevant. 


Sometimes they ask for your opinion on a topic such as sports, which I really like because they are trying to connect with their audience. I guess that would be the number one reason why I like to follow them. They are part of the community. And as the guys from Suzuki say, people like feeling like a community. It is important to connect with the community and be honest with them. 

In this article it discusses how restaurants need to embrace social media. “It’s as much a part of the job as anything else,” he explains. You’d be a fool to ignore social media, or fight it,” says owner of the Eatery Sean Connelly. Some owners to try connect with users of a different age or demographic to get to know them and invite them to drop by. Now Facebook and Twitter are good self promoting websites for restaurants, but not so good for people searching the internet for a good restaurant. That’s where Yelp and other sites come in, a rating of the restaurant. I think Facebook users who feel the need to comment and “like” a restaurants page should be able to link their comment to Yelp. 

In this article it talks about the top 10 ways to use social to promote your restaurant. 51% of people who took part in an online survey said they would buy something from a business whose page has many or a few “likes.” You can also give customers an incentive by having them “like” your page for a discount the next time they come in. This article also talks about tweeting and how it can be essential to advertising. It talks about how customers can take pictures and tag the restaurant reaching an even broader audience. “Some of your customers may prefer Twitter to Facebook or vice versa, so they may not be present on both sites. Therefore, it is essential to cross promote your deals on each platform.” 

This article talks about small businesses using social media to promote their companies. “In today’s world, the most creative way to talk about branding and getting your customers engaged … is social media,” owner of Lets YO Yogurt states. Today’s market is all about converse and convert not convince and convert. You can’t make people “like” your page; they do it willingly because they are already convinced. “Today I just think it’s even more powerful because we know from all the media research that consumers just don’t trust ads, they don’t trust companies, they trust other consumers.”

O’Briens may not be the best at social media, but they have caught my attention in recent months. They tend to post at the peak online hours for people to communicate with them. They may have some work to do and could possibly start a twitter, but so far they are doing a great job. 

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