The Future of Social Media

The future of social media could be endless and quite imaginative. Everything is evolving and the world around us is changing. Social media plays a big portion in our lives as they are now, but will only continue to become a bigger portion.

221One thing I think the future holds for social media is the lack of privacy that will be taken away. Big Brother is always watching but with the recent rise in employers asking for Facebook and Twitter passwords to check on up future employees, the privacy is going down the toilet. Facebook and Twitter are constantly changing their privacy settings making it nearly impossible to keep up.
“That enraged status or obvious subtweet you made about your teacher or roommate can and will be used against you. It may have been deleted a few hours, even minutes, later after you realized, hey, maybe this isn’t a good thing to have out there for everyone to see. But with the simple Command+Shift+4 on a Mac or the Print Screen button on a PC, that little regret can be saved forever.” Some employers go to such an extreme to block website such as Twitter and Facebook on their company computers so employees can not access them. With the future comes changes. Employers need to learn to use the web to their advantage instead of blocking these sites. I feel that in the future brands will figure out how to harness the power of the 9-5 office dwellers.

learn-thai-online-skypeGoing along with companies and web usage, I feel that companies will become much more social media friendly. “Everything will eventually move online, making companies more efficient, adapting their communication to get the message out as quickly as possible.” Eventually companies will start using Skype instead of holding work meetings and conferences. Instead of conference calls, there will be conference Skype calls. The board room meetings will eventually die out and everything will be done remotely.

dd_socialSchools will become more involved in social media and somehow find a way to integrate it into the learning of students. Some schools are already starting to let students have more access to computers and I feel like the future of social media will have a big role in the future of schools as well. Rob James makes an excellent point in his article. “Perhaps the key benefit emphasized across studies of social media in schools is the way that using these networks provides creativity and real-world experience. Students that use social media from an early age learn to view it as more than just a distraction, and as something that they use to learn and produce content in a setting that they are familiar with and challenged by.”

democratsrepublicanssocial300The future of social media will also lead to more involvement with the next Presidential debate and other politics. Politicians will take their campaigns to the web, especially Twitter and Facebook. Who knows, you may even be able to vote for the next Presidential election online instead of waiting in lines. I feel that because of such a positive reaction that the candidates got from using Twitter and Facebook, it will only continue to grow. The candidates will find new ways to get to you online, such as other popular websites that are frequented or even personal emails.

slide-5-Robot-Greeters-And-Cardless-ATMs-At-The-Bank-Of-The-FutureOne of the biggest changes will be for the future of banking. Pretty soon they are going to cut out the middle man, also known as the bank tellers, and go straight to online banking or apps for your smart phone. “Many of the in-branch staff will be replaced by tablet computers offering ‘off the street’ clients a direct portal to the bank’s social media offerings. But, more often, branches will sit in the pocket of the consumer, virtually eliminating the overhead and hard costs of the branch infrastructure,” as said by Piron in this article.

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